Happy Trainers

I love the resources available to trainers.  The knowledge I have learned becoming a trainer has also been shared with parents regarding questions during other situations.

Sarah Phoenix, North Hastings Children Services

The Cyber Smart program is great for our weekly parenting group. Cyber Smart was happy for us to break the seminar into five sessions (one for each letter in the SMART model) so we could facilitate weekly discussions on cyber safety with our families.

Desta Beattie, Cortes Island Family Resource Centre, BC

I am so excited to offer this program! I love that Cyber Smart allows us to change the wording of some terms to reflect our organization’s philosophy.

Tanya LaPointe-Harris, Orleans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre, ON

This is a wonderful program. I’m proud to be part of the team… Everyone has been so helpful! Thanks again for your support!

Holly Cardiff, Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre, ON

Happy Attendees

As a devoted and concerned parent I would recommend every school board and home & school association to offer this session to their staff and parents. It will be an investment you will be glad you made.

Jackie Thomas, Home & School Committee Member, Kitchener, ON

Melanie is a great instructor. She is very patient and answers all questions in a manner that can be understood by non-technical users. Choosing Melanie Rhora to train our faculty and staff was the best decision we made!

Luiz Capretz, Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Western University

I simply cannot say enough great things about what I learned. For sure all the suggested changes will be done along with a more proactive approach from myself. Thank you.

Linda Roush Pokolm, Parent & Entrepreneur, London, ON

Melanie presented vital technical information about cyber security in a way that was easy for all in the group to understand along with some awesome quick and simple action plans to implement myself that have made me feel much more at ease about my online security!

I highly recommend Cyber Smart Canada’s services to others ~ They are amazingly easy to work with and get the job done!

Margaret Wake, Youth Worker, London, ON

“My children are young but are on the computer and I want to start putting into place some “cyber smart” rules now so when they get older they realize just how important it is to be respectful, smart and protected offline as well as online! Thanks Melanie Rhora for helping with this!!

Leah Fletcher, Cyber Smart Parents Attendee, Kitchener, ON

Learning about SMART toys and how to set them up safely was awesome. I also loved the system for creating strong and easy to remember passwords.

Rebecca Hughes, Tech For Tots Attendee & Foster Parent, Brantford, ON

My favourite part of this presentation was learning about child identity theft and how easy it is for caring adults to unknowingly put our kids at risk. I’ll be more careful from now on.

Essie Ho, Educator, Toronto, ON

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Happy Mentors

I would recommend taking Cyber Smart Canada’s mentor course annually as a refresher. You can never be too safe!

Jennifer Slay, Social Worker, London, ON

What I learned in this course was priceless! I am now prepared to help my kids with online problems!

Chris Havery, Parent, Ancaster, ON

This course is full of engaging stories and it is easy to follow. Thank you for providing so much tech information in a way that non-techy people can follow along.

Jennifer Frankel, Parent, Halifax, NS

I can now protect my kids from Identity Theft – until now I didn’t even know that could be an issue! Thank you Cyber Smart Canada!

Lynda Pierce, Daycare Worker, Brantford, ON