Youth Program Policies

We love empowering students with our cyber safety youth workshops so they can thrive in our digital world.

Our Certified Cyber Smart Trainers are the best trained and supported cyber safety trainers in the country.  In order for them to deliver our amazing programs to your community, you will need to agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set out below.

Please read these Policies and Terms of Service carefully before choosing to register for this training.

Bullying Policy and Behaviour Guidelines

Bullying Policy:

At Cyber Smart Canada, bullying is inexcusable, and we have a firm policy against all types of bullying. Each student is expected to treat all other students with respect, and to help each other achieve the best possible experience. If a student has difficulty meeting this expectation, parents may be called upon to assist.

Behavior Guidelines:

We expect students to act respectfully at all times when they are on our property or participating in our courses. Students are to behave in a mature, responsible way and respect the rights and dignity of others.

Discipline Procedures

When a student does not follow the behavior guidelines, we will take the following action steps as behavior problems progress.

Examples of unacceptable behavior:

  • Refusing to follow behavior guidelines or class rules
  • Using profanity, vulgarity or obscenity
  • Stealing or damaging property (personal or camp property)
  • Refusal to participate in activities or cooperate with staff
  • Disrupting a course
  • Leaving a course without permission
  • Endangering the health and safety of children and/or staff
  • Use of illicit drugs, alcohol or tobacco or sexual conduct of any kind
  • Teasing, making fun or bullying of other students or staff
  • Fighting of any kind

Student fees are non-refundable if a student is sent home for disciplinary reasons. Physical violence or bullying toward another student or staff member will result in immediate dismissal from the class and they will not be given their certificate of completion.

Drop Off and Pick Up Policy

Parents must sign their child in and out for each course. A child who arrives more than 30 minutes late for a course will not be accepted as it is disruptive for the other students, all participants need to attend the full 7hrs to be granted their certificate.

Please remember to submit the permission form to the instructor on the morning of the class if your child is leaving with someone other than their parent or leaving on their own.

Parents are required to pick up their children by the required time that is stated in the email for the particular course. A child who is picked up late can get anxious, and instructors who have worked a full day need to be able to count on leaving promptly, they have their own commitments and family to get home too. There is a 15 minute grace period and after that you will be charged the following rates:

  • 15 – 30 minutes late $15
  • 30-60 minutes late $40

Students certificates will be issued when late payment is made. The late payment can be made directly to the instructor.

Cancellation Policy

Course Transfer

A one-time transfer to another course date may be requested with at least two business days notice prior to the beginning of your course at no charge. If you request a course transfer, you forfeit your right to cancel your registration and obtain a refund.

Cancel with Notice (minimum 2 business days notice)

To cancel a registration and receive a refund, you are required to provide cancellation notice by email at least 48 hours before the start of your course. You will be refunded the registration fee less a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Cancel without Notice (less than 2 business days)

No refunds will be provided for cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the start of your scheduled course.

No refunds will be provided for no-shows once you have paid your spot is guaranteed so we are not able to replace your child with a wait list student last minute. We base classes on the number of paid students.

Please notify Cyber Smart Canada in advance of any absence due to illness. A notified absence due to illness will receive a $10 discount to register for another Cyber Smart Canada class.

Course cancellation by Cyber Smart Canada:

Though rare, Cyber Smart Canada reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule a course in the event of an emergency, instructor illness, low class enrollment or inclement weather. In such an event, participants may choose either a full refund or transfer to another date.

Cyber Smart Canada will attempt to notify participants of any cancellations at least 48 hours prior to a course.

During winter months we will attempt to notify participants of any cancellations due to storm conditions at least 24 hours prior to a course. If the weather is extreme and a class needs to be cancelled it will be posted on our Cyber Smart Canada Facebook page by 6:30am and all participants will be emailed. If the facility if opened the class will not be cancelled.