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Online Cyber Safety Mentor Training

This engaging and practical cyber safety training course will help you guide kids & families
through any digital issue, both now and in the future.

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An absolute must for social workers, counselors, therapists, club leaders, mentors, volunteers, and parents.

Our program eliminates the cyber safety learning curve while simultaneously instilling confidence in participants!

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Like most organizations in Canada, chances are you have a huge problem with your staff and/or volunteers…

They’re simply nowhere near as tech savvy as the kids they work with!

From struggling to understand the ever-changing dynamics of social media, to perhaps even being unfamiliar with how to work a smartphone – it’s clear that there is a serious disconnect between the adults and children they work with when it comes to not only internet safety, but technology in general!

And while it may not seem like a huge issue if the adults aren’t as tech savvy as the children they work with, consider this…

When children feel a disconnect with an adult it becomes difficult to forge a relationship!  This means that the job of a mentor to foster a trustworthy relationship becomes significantly harder than it needs to be… leading to stress, job burnout, frustration, and feelings of defeat!

But, the good news about all of this? You and your team can get the training NEEDED to assist even the most tech-savvy kids!


This innovative program:

  • offers easy-to-digest and in-depth cyber safety training to all adults who work with tech-savvy kids
  • gives adults the confidence needed to assist children with tech-based problems beyond cyber bullying
  • is designed to make learning both fun and memorable through a highly interactive e-Learning system!
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Here’s a Peak at Some of Our Program’s Many Benefits…

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  • eLearning System Makes for Easy & Fun Leaning. Our course follows an eLearning format that incorporates plenty of movement and requires regular participation, meaning there’s plenty of interaction to keep viewers engaged and focused.

  • 5-part SMART Model Makes Memorization a Breeze. Look, we understand that learning about technology isn’t the easiest thing for everyone, which is why our videos harness the power of acronyms to help your staff easily remember all that they’ve learned!

  • Easy to Absorb Structuring. Building off of the previous benefit, we’ve broken our course into smart subsections that make both retaining all crucial information and working at your own pace a complete reality.

  • Activities & Quizzes to Test Progress. We encourage program participants to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test in our simulated test environment to ensure they’re ready for the real deal… tech-savvy kids!

  • Special Bonus Cyber Smart Certification. Your team and parents alike will be thrilled to see the certificate of proof upon program completion that states participants are indeed well versed in Cyber Safety.

Assisting children and their families
with their technology issues has never been easier!

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the training they and their kids deserve.

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