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Our Values

Technology is the cornerstone of the information age. While we understand that there are many risks and threats online, Cyber Smart Canada also promotes the positive and enriching use of digital technology in all its forms. We are dedicated to supporting organizations and families in creating a balanced approach to safety online.

Our Vision

Our goal is to reach 250,000 families by the end of 2021 through our in-person training, online webinars and training courses, as well as subscribers within our website membership portal.

Our Team

Melanie Rhora - Cyber Smart Canada

Melanie Rhora

Director of Training

Melanie is a top rated business consultant with over 15 years working in digital strategy and security. She has advised numerous not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions and government agencies regarding management of online reputations and creation of proper security policies and procedures.

Lenora Collins

New Business Development

Lenora is the friendly face of our business development team. She is the wonderful voice you hear when you have any questions about our online and in-person programing.

Shari Monner - Cyber Smart Client Care - Cyber Safety Programs

Shari Monner

Client Care Manager

Shari oversees client experience with Cyber Smart Canada.  She manages our training resources including our trainer portal, online courses, and safe & sane parent portal.

Cyber Safety Specialist - Cyber Smart Canada

Michael George

Technical Support

Mike is our resident computer shark.  His list of IT certifications would take up this entire page! His dedication to keeping up with the latest technology and the designations that follow demonstrate his commitment to family cyber safety.


Carol Fletcher

Administrative Assistant

Carol is the wonderful voice you hear answering the phones at our Cyber Smart Canada head office.  She takes care of our bi-monthly newsletters and social media management.

This Could Be You

Operations Manager

We are currently seeking an experienced operations manager.  This person oversees all day to day operational aspects of the business, including client services and bookkeeping.  She/he also manages customer activities, and ensures great customer service by all team members (both in person, on the phone and online).

Our Advisory Committee

Dr. Amanda Brown
Registered Homeopath

Amanda is the owner of Strong Healthy Moms and a Registered Homeopath.  She is a mom of tweens and assists us with research into what her kids are doing online.  Her family has become one of our test beds for course development.

Monika Chestnut
Insurance & Investment Specialist

Ms. Chestnut is a partner in her family owned insurance brokerage firm.  She specializes insurance and financial planning.  We will continue to work with Monika, to ensure that Cyber Smart Canada is profitable and investing wisely.

Jill Ellis-Worthington
Communications Specialist

Ms. Ellis-Worthington is the owner of Write.On Communications.  She began this successful company 6 years ago and is well versed in business activities in London, Ontario.   Her company specializes in mainstream media and public relations.

Jo-Anne Orton
Nonprofit Specialist

Jo-Anne’s knowledge of nonprofit companies and their initiatives is incredibly valuable.  Jo-Anne’s experience as a social worker and former Big Sisters of Woodstock Executive Director and Caseworker, she understands the needs of volunteers and organizations when it comes to online safety training.

Jennifer Slay
Social Work Expert

Jennifer Slay is a successful life coach as well as a social worker with the London Children’s Aid Society.  Her experience with children at risk has given us insights into how to direct our course materials.